Piquant Peanut

$13.00 USD

Piquant  (ˈpēkənt,ˈpēkänt)


"Having a pleasantly stimulating taste or appetizing flavor. Exciting to the mind."


This sauce might be the hardest to describe, which is why I called it "Piquant". It's definitely not your typical peanut sauce! There's great mouth-feel from the peanut butter, the tang of vinegar, earthiness from the herbs, some crunch from diced ingredients, a bit of sweetness, and a subtle heat at the end. It has a fairly thick viscosity (it is made from peanut butter after all!) and works great on its own as a "topper" after the foods are already cooked or as a dipping sauce. You can also marinate meats in it and thin it for use as a salad dressing.


12 fl oz per bottle