Blucifer Demon Stallion of the West Keychain

$22.00 USD

It’s no secret that Colorado has a propensity for fiery tempered horses. Visitors to Colorado and natives to Denver alike have all heard whispers of a legendary demon horse of the plains with glowing eyes. Ruling the Rockies with an iron hoof and guarding the last bastion of the wild West and the gateway to the mountains, this cute and free-spirited keychain parodies Colorado’s obsession with good horses gone bad. Blucifer stands tall, blue, and fiercely territorial of any who would tread upon his domain.

Made of firm silicone and standing 4 inches tall, this parody keychain of Blucifer is perfect to attach to your backpack or rearview mirror to ward off evil(er things). He also makes an excellent desktop toy. Press his forehead to set his eyes ablaze with red fury!