The PRiMO Story

The PRiMO Story

I wish I could say my parents came from (insert country name here) & brought with them old secret recipes you can't find in cookbooks, and that's how PRiMO got started. But I can't!

It's more like this, by the age of 4, my Greek mother, who could only be considered a Saint, figured out the best way to harness my evil powers and keep me out of trouble, was to put me to work in the kitchen. Things were different then. Ingredients were hand-picked and fresh. Everything was made by hand. Flavors were rich and authentic. And daily gatherings around the kitchen table were a mandatory joyous affair. But this is how I grew up and it was what inspired my passion for delicious food and my love to cook for others. In time, the evil turned good, along with a little skill finally, and presto... PRiMO!

PRiMO of course, came about much later, after traveling to several fascinating parts of the world, where I learned about local ingredients and spices and collected those special touches only the locals know. Back in my own kitchen this time, I began playing around with flavor combinations that for many seemed just plain 'wrong', until that is, they tried them. Today, we boast ten (10) righteously delicious flavors spanning Fruit Preserves, Infused Honey and Italian Mostarde and made with mad skills to deliver fresh intensity to eager taste buds everywhere.

So, if you're looking for delicious food that delivers on the promise of good juju and chipper gatherings, you found it. You simply must try it to understand.

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