Art Jewelry - Modern Art Earrings With Feathers

$75.00 USD

Jewelry with Meaning

Art Jewelry - Modern Art Earrings


These Modern Art earrings are artistically inspired by the artist Piet Mondrian. Combining artistic elements and edginess, show your appreciation for an art style that has influenced everything from fashion to architecture. Each pair has unique and personalized handmade touches that instantly elevate your look.

Great for art openings and after-parties.

Key Features:

  • Sexy Design: The hand-painted feathers coupled with a Mondrian inspired medallion gives you a contemporary yet timeless look. 
  • Mixed Materials: The subtle combination of glossy metal and matte feathers presents the sensorial power of fusing contrasts.
  • Elevated Style: Designed for the woman who values versatility, these earrings seamlessly transition from daytime chic to evening glamour wrapping you in a refined aura.
  • Made to Wear: Light enough to solve the age-old problem of ear fatigue.


    • Hand-Painted Dyed Goose Feathers
    • Lengths vary on a per-pair basis
    • Gold filled or hypoallergenic stainless steel ear-wires
    • Metallic pendants in Gold Plated Brass or Stainless Steel

    Made in the US