Case Dark Chocolate Cashew Almond Granola Clusters (4oz.) 12 pack CASE

$59.98 USD

Feeling a bit peckish after a light lunch? Wanting something a little sinful while you wrap up your workday or binge watch that new Netflix series? Grab a bag of Dark Chocolate Cashew Clusters and feel good about being a little bad (but not really, the chocolate is even dairy and soy free). Case (12 pack) of 4oz. bags of allergen free dark chocolate. Made from certified gluten free oats, almonds, cashews and finished with cinnamon and a touch of brown sugar. Always vegan, dairy and soy-free and the highest quality ingredients. The added bonus - antioxidant Vitamin E along with a prebiotic for optimum gut health! Each 4oz. bag is nutrient dense for a satisfying snack.


Ingredients: Gluten-free rolled oats, allergen free dark chocolate, almond butter, brown sugar, cashews, sliced almonds, organic sunflower oil, cinnamon, prebiotic (agave inulin), tocobiol