Crescent Moon Necklace

$64.00 USD

Jewelry with Meaning

Crescent Moon Necklace


Crescent moons are humble and delicate in their femininity yet symbolize the dark feminine, the wild and untamed woman.

Great "starter piece" for women beginning to embrace their duality.

Key Features:

  • Meaningful Design: The petite crescent moon drapes you a mysterious and intriguing aura. 
  • Sensual: Cast in vibrant gold or silver-toned finish and strung from two delicate, shimmering chains, this necklace adds a glistening sensuality to your night.
  • Perfect Nighttime Style: Designed for the woman who values the perfect pairing, this necklace completes any night-time look. 

Product Details:

  • Metal: 24k Gold Plated Brass or Stainless Steel 
  • Chains: 16” & 20” Gold filled or Sterling Silver Chains 
  • Dim: 5/8” 

Made in the US