Moon Phase Earrings

$85.00 USD

Jewelry with Meaning

Moon Phase Earrings


The Moon Phase Earrings are designed with an elevated dreaminess, using the golden ratio, suggesting that the perfection of this mathematical ratio is present on both the heavenly and terrestrial planes.

Made for dreamers, witches, healers, and fashionistas alike.

Key Features:

  • Intelligently Designed: The moon's phases expressed in perfect proportion allude to the divine in all things, including your body.
  • Versatile: Wear with a power suit, asymmetrical fitted dress, or anything that makes you feel refined and sexy.
  • Symbolic: Moon jewelry inspires reflection, and a quiet understanding of all things feminine.

Product Details:

  • Metal: 24k Gold Plated Brass or Stainless Steel
  • Earwires: 24k Gold Plated Silver or Silver
  • Dim: 1 5/8” circle

    Also available in:

    • Pure Silver
    • 14k Gold
    • 18k Gold

    Contact for pricing.