Historic Key Necklace

$50.00 USD

Jewelry with Meaning

Historic Key Necklace 


Informed by artifacts from different cultures and eras, shapes, and contexts, this symbol bridges historic and new, playing with themes of hidden mysticism.

Key Features:

  • Symbolic Design: Referencing an era where codes of society reigned, the Camelot Key helps you unlock aspects of integrity, nobility, and honor.
  • Understated Elegance: Cast in a bright gold or cool, silver-toned finish strung on an unassuming chain, this necklace adds subtle perfection to your look.
  • Versatile: Short enough to layer, yet strong enough to stand independently.

    Product Details:

    • Metal: 24k Gold Plated Brass or Stainless Steel
    • Chain: Gold filled or Sterling Silver Chain
    • Length: 20"
    • Dim: 1" x 3/8"

    Made in the US