Rose Face & Body Sugar Scrub

$15.00 USD$17.00 USD

All Natural Rose Face and Body Sugar Scrub! 


Handmade in Colorado Springs with simple ingredients, so it doesn't have a greasy feeling like traditional sugar scrubs.

Sugar Scrubs are great for exfoliating the skin. They are also great for reducing redness, reducing cellulite and it can be used for anti-aging. 

Our scrubs can also be used for relaxation and getting rid of breakouts.  


All of our products are made with simple ingredients so that people can trust what they are putting on their body. 


Our Rose Sugar Scrub (6oz)  contains the following: 

-Organic Cane Sugar
-Rose Essential Oil
-Grapeseed Oil 
-Rose Petals

That's it! 


It is safe to use on your face, or on your entire body. 


We package all of our products in reusable and sustainable materials like glass. 

You never have to worry about the ingredients in your skin care again. Finally there is a brand that you can trust! 


5% of all of our profits goes towards Born Like Others Orphanage in Masaka, Uganda to provide children with shelter, food, clothing and education. 


Choose Freedom.