Stacking Toy - Stick Figure

$32.00 USD

Discover endless joy with our Stacking Toy Stick Figure! This delightful creation is not just a toy – it's a world of laughter and creativity waiting to unfold. With its amusing and interchangeable parts, the Stick Figure offers a myriad of playful options. Watch your little one explore the countless ways to arrange and play with the same character on a stick, turning every moment into a new adventure of imagination and fun.

Fuel your child's imagination and enhance their manual skills with our innovative toy! Designed for pure joy and endless fun, this toy belongs to the Montessori category, promoting holistic development. Packaged in eco-friendly cotton bags and paper tubes sealed with wooden plugs, it's not just a toy – it's a sustainable adventure that sparks creativity and skill-building in every child.

Material: Wood
Made in Poland