Summer Collection

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The Perfect Summer Gift Set
  • 4 oz After Sun
  • 2 oz Bug Spray
  • Allergy Relief Roller
  • Sore Muscles

After a long day in the sun, use this calming After Sun spray. The nourishing formulation includes skin-loving botanicals like Witch Hazel and Aloe Vera. The addition of peppermint, lavender, eucalyptus, sandalwood, and frankincense work together in synergy to replenish the skin. The cooling effect will soothe your sun-drenched skin, while natural healing oils provide fragrant hydration. Bring this product in your beach or pool bag for easy access and a post-sun glow.


Natural Insect Repellant and Relief helps repel insects and may reduce itching and irritation from bites. Peppermint, lavender, witch hazel, tea tree, geranium, and lemongrass serve as botanical powerhouses. They create a lovely aroma that naturally wards off mosquitoes, fleas, flies, ants, spiders, moths, beetles, mites, and more. Insect Repellant and Relief allows you to feel good about what you put on your skin. Melt away outdoor stressors and enjoy your time adventuring. This product contains natural oils that can separate, so make sure to shake well before each use.

Support yourself through allergy season with this essential oil roller. The blend contains lemon and tea trees to restore feelings of clarity.  Roll on your temples, under the nose, back of the neck, or on the bottoms of the feet. The essential oils will absorb into the skin while boosting aromatherapy benefits. Great to take on the go when you’re out and about to keep you feeling your best.

Sore Muscle Relief is a powerful blend of arnica oil, juniper, wintergreen, peppermint, and lavender that creates a rejuvenating aroma. It’s perfect for post-hikes or workouts when you need a gentle refresh. Massage into the skin after a long day for a cooling sensation. The 2oz bottle has a pump that can be closed for convenient storage. This product contains natural oils that can separate, so make sure to shake well before each use.

These are cosmetic products. They are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any health condition or disease.